Board Meeting   by "the board"
All co-owners and tenants are encouraged to attend.
The next board meeting will be be held at the Kenbrooke clubhouse;
4:00 pm on Thursday August 20th, 2015.
most meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month.

Pool Opening Saturday, May 23

Hello Kenbrooke Court Residents.
Your pool is open beginning Saturday through Labor Day weekend in September. Remember, you must have a key fob to open the gate.

If you need a key fob for your home you must go to the Davis Group office at 7268 Stadium Drive to sign and receive the fob.
We are open 8-12am and 1-5pm Monday through Friday to pick up key fobs. If the fob is lost it cost $50 to replace.
Remember, No alcohol or pets are allowed in the pool area.
Those found violating pool rules are subject to loss of pool privileges.

As a follow up reminder, be sure to weed and care for the front and rear patio areas around your home. This is an ongoing effort that needs continued attention by all residents.

Thank You!

Spring cleanup: Every owner is reminded to clean up and maintain the patio areas in front and back of their unit.
This is an ongoing effort throughout the year and it is the owners’ responsibility to weed and pick up debris in your immediate patio and front and back yard areas.
The Association will mow the grass and pick up the common grounds around buildings.
Weeds are particularly noticeable at this time of year, so please remove them along with any debris around these areas.
It is great to see the addition of mulch, flowers etc. to beautify these areas.

Pet rules: All dogs must be on a leash when outside.
All dog feces must be promptly picked up.
No Rottweilers nor Pitbulls are allowed.
Please contact Davis Management if reminding your neighbors about these rules is ineffective.

Motor vehicles: All vehicles must be currently licensed and in apparently operable condition while on Kenbrooke’s parking lots or they will be removed at the owner’s expense .

Year ‘round recycling: There are permanent recycle containers at the west end of the parking lot of Building 6, near the playground.
Please note the recycling guidelines.

Board meetings: Regular monthly Board meetings are 4 pm, on the third Thursday at the clubhouse.
All owners and renters are invited to attend.






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