Board Meeting   by "the board"
All co-owners and tenants are encouraged to attend.
The next boardl meeting will be held in the Kenbrooke clubhouse at;
6:00 pm on Thursday April 17th, 2014.

Kenbrooke Court Residents   by the Davis Group 4/1/13
It has been a long winter and spring is finally at your doorstep.
As owners and renters living in this condominium community you can each do your part to start the spring season helping Kenbrooke look the best it can. Here are some of the routine things to be aware of:

• With the melting of the snow around your home, your front and rear patios will need attention for general clean up. Please take time now to ensure your patio areas are clean and ready for use throughout the spring and summer. (Remove broken items, clean up debris, keep only patio-appropriate items outside etc.)

• In an effort to help keep Kenbrooke clean during the typical student end of year move out time, two large open-top dumpsters will again be placed on the property April 26 through May 16. The dumpsters will be located at the west end of building # 13 and near building #6.

• Please ensure that all debris is put inside the regular dumpsters and not set beside them. (The hauling company will not pick up items lying on the ground.) The same is true for the open-top dumpsters, so be sure to put all furniture, etc. inside the containers. The containers will be emptied if needed during this cleanup period.

Please ensure that NO garbage is set in front of homes prior to being disposed of. This is unsightly and unsanitary. Take all garbage directly from your home to a dumpster at ALL TIMES.

• This is a reminder for all dog owners to please pick up any dog droppings left by your dog. During the winter months, areas can build up and need your attention. Please be courteous and always pick up the droppings of your pet.

We appreciate everyone taking pride in their home and surroundings and helping keep Kenbrooke Court looking the best it can.
You should know a staff person has been hired to police the above items and check on the routine rules that apply to all Kenbrooke residents. This person is employed year round and will issue notices and tines (if corrective measures are not taken in a proper manner.) Each owner is responsible for their renter following the rules and if a fine is issued, it will be issued to the owner.

College Dollars for KPS Students
A group of citizens interested in economic strength and quality of life in the City of Kalamazoo have made a tremendous contribution on behalf of KPS students. All students who graduate from Kalamazoo Public Schools, are residing in the district, and have been students four years or more will be given funding for college tuition and mandatory fees. The amount of available dollars depends on years of residency and the number of grades attended in KPS, up to 100% of tuition and mandatory fees. The funds will be available to use at any public university or community college in the State of Michigan.

For more information, visit the KPS website or visit the Kalamazoo Promise page at Mlive






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 of quality of life crime.
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